Do you have the time and skills needed to build and maintain a modern network architecture?

With a Managed Services Program in IT, business owners no longer have to worry about data loss or computer problems; these are handled by experts and relieve owners to worry about what really matters to them - running their business.

Read on to see how our ALL-INCLUSIVE Managed Service Program saves time, money and increases productivity.

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We help you focus on your business.

F.I.T. Monitoring  -  Included!

  • 24/7 monitoring
  • F.I.T. is alerted if there is a problem
  • Monitor security
  • Check backups daily
  • Historical data predicts future issues


F.I.T. Maintenance  -  Included!

  • Keep anti-virus definitions up-to-date
  • Install Windows updates
  • Remove any virus threats
  • Regularly check the data backups
  • Perform periodic restores of the backups to ensure that they are 100% viable
  • When problems occur, MSP Clients get first priority. 

All remote and on-site service is no additional charge!

F.I.T. Hardware Replacement  -  Included!

With Our Hardware as a Service (HaaS) plan, no need to worry about hardware

  • No shopping
  • No trying to figure out the specs
  • No installation
  • No configuration
  • No worries
  • All covered hardware is replaced - no additional charge


The Business and Technology Assessment


The first step to solving any problem is to identify the issues. During this phase of the assessment, we start by listening. What is your business about? What are you trying to achieve? What are your goals? Pain points? Etc. Once we have a better understanding of where technology is going wrong for you and your business, we can better assess ways to make improvements. Our team uses the latest software tools to dig deep in your network to find out exactly what you have. We want to know the answers to all of the questions that could be causing problems in your system. Are your PCs too old? Are they up-to-date? Is your network configured efficiently and securely?  Is your back-up working, and can it actually be restored?  Is your wireless access secured? Does your firewall support encryption?

Next, we evaluate your needs. By having in-depth conversations, we can clearly identify what exactly you need to reach your business goals. Our objective is to provide you with an exceptional service that results in continued support to reach all of the demands you have set to reach your business vision and goals.

Once we evaluate your needs, we will propose solutions. From our discovery, we can develop specific recommendations for your network infrastructure and equipment. In doing so, we'll show you how to merge your business vision with your technical reality by simplifying your IT management so you can focus on your core business.



During the second phase, we will address all critical issues and begin the stabilization process. Think of your technology as being like the body of an athlete — each part must be healthy and well-coordinated with the other parts in order to be at peak performance. If injury or pain occurs, it's important to understand how to recover quickly and how to prevent further injury to get back to the game. The doctor or trainer will perform a series of tests to see exactly what is causing the issue and if it's a deeper problem, to fix it.

After we assess your business needs and current technology, we can move straight into monitoring and managing. 



Now that we have a deeper understanding of your business problems and have removed the critical issues. We can begin the managing services process. You can focus on managing your business without ever worrying about technical problems.

We’ll manage your technology – period.