We don't just solve the technical problem,

we solve the business problem.

Network Design

We solve business problems by designing and planning networks. When working on Network Design, we mainly work with new businesses, businesses who are moving, and businesses who are expanding.


What is Network Design?

Simply, network design includes the building, planning, and layout elements of putting together the phone, computer, FAX, and technical aspects of the business layout. Our job when designing a network includes discussing your business' main goals and objectives and planning the layout that perfectly matches what your business needs and wants are. 


What We Do

To begin, we start with interviewing and having conversations with the business to begin to understand all of their business needs. If it's a new business we will help plan for long-term goals in order to help set up a layout that will work with the businesses they grow. If it's a company planning to move, we will work to move hardware and plan the infrastructure and wiring of the new facility. If it's a business looking to expand we will help them plan, solve, and develop the right layout for their expected expansion. 

The kinds of questions we ask regardless of business changes vs new beginnings include; "Do you want a camera?" "Where do you want the cameras to be located? Pointing to the parking lot for security or to the front door for alerts when people walk into your business?" "Where do you need phones"  "What kind of phones do you need?" "Where do you need a fax machine?", etc. These types of questions help us to better identify the current and long-term goals of the company so we can plan for wiring and floor plans that work well with the current and future structure of the organization. 

Once we have a good understanding of what your business wants and needs are, we will stop by and visit the facility to make sure we can make everything you request happen effectively. From there, we will look at the current floor plan and develop a new floor plan to best suit the networking needs of your company. 

A part of the planning process is understanding what equipment goes where and what is needed to handle the network infrastructure. If your business is moving or growing, we may use this opportunity to replace aging equipment. 

It's important to have a team that understands technology as it changes and adapts (which, it's constantly doing) to better understand and keep up with your business changes. 

Network Design for Phone Systems

Another aspect of network design is planning and designing the perfect phone system for your business that will meet your needs now and in the future. There are so many things to consider when planning your network design for ease and functionality of phone use. We will interview the customer to find out their exact needs to ensure that their layout works well for their office setting and the needs of their employees. For example, the secretary/receptionist/office manager most likely needs a phone with better capabilities than a break-room phone. We will work one-on-one with the customer to determine how many employees they have, fax systems needs, how many phones and screens they have, who needs to see the caller-id on their phone, if the employee is out of their office; if the voicemail can be sent to their email address, extension number details and so much more. It's our goal to solve your business problems when it comes to the ideal layout and needs of your network design.