Working on Wireless Device



Modern technology makes it easy to work anytime, anywhere with wireless devices and technology. F.I.T. makes it easy to set up and manage your wireless network. Our team of highly skilled and knowledgeable technicians will work closely with your organization to provide wireless solutions that best support your business. It's important to have skilled technicians and trained experts working on your wireless system to guarantee security and safety for your personal or business usage. 


Wireless History and Adaptations

Wireless networks have evolved and gone through 6 transitions. It's important to have techs who can understand how each 802.11 protocol changes to get you the fastest relative speed.


Solving Business Problems

We often see businesses go to a big box store to buy wireless equipment. The problem with this? These businesses don't have the expertise that our techs have to make sure the wireless design works best for you. If the business moves their device around the building, their wireless connection may slow down tremendously. The solution? You might think it would be to add another wireless access point. However, our techs may suggest better options to reduce frustrations regarding wireless connectivity. Sometimes a simple addition of a wireless access point won't solve your business problem. It may exacerbate your issues. Your computer will hold on to the connection of the first access point until it is no longer possible, meaning it won't automatically adjust and connect to the other access point as you move. The best solution, in this case, would be a Common Controller. This device recognizes the number of access points and speaks to your computer and each point to make sure you always have the best signal and connection to minimize frustrations and delayed time. 

Our goal as an IT company working on Wireless is to help easily solve the complicated technical aspects of wireless, placement, and controller systems to keep all of your devices running to the best of their ability. 


Solving Wireless Problems at Home

Many homeowners will try to set up their wireless connection within their home. Our goal when working on Wireless as a company is to help individuals easily and effectively set up their wireless connectivity to keep their speeds fast and their networking effective. This is especially important in today's world with so many students and professionals working and learning from home. We will work with you to determine and plan the best course of action in setting up and handling your wireless system. This may mean ethernet cables within the home or a Mesh Network / Repeater system to effectively keep the speed that you're paying for. The Mesh Network system works by placing a Repeater in the home which takes the signal from the wireless system to regenerate and makes the signal stronger to use in further spaces. Our team of technicians will help you determine which system and structure work best for your setup.


Wireless Security

We make sure that we use the strongest available encryption protocol. We will work with you to ensure that you have a good, secure password and system. Did you know that there have been multiple instances where individuals will park outside of different businesses or homes, get into their wireless connection, and download illegal or dangerous documents? It's important to avoid instances like this as these illegal downloads can result in problems with the law for you. 

Our team of technicians can also help protect your wireless connection if your business loses employees and wants to protect your passwords and wireless connection to ensure that your company is secure. In larger organizations, we can tie wireless security to server security through Active Directory. Rather than change all of your wireless passwords each time you lose a team member, you can simply remove them from the Active Directory to keep your wireless system secure.