Work From Home Support
Work From Home Support

Work From Home


Working from home has been a continuing trend over the past year, with many local businesses minimizing office space and reducing commuting costs, remote workers are able to work safely within the comfort of their own home. Many businesses have found that working from home is a huge benefit and employees are able to reduce distractions and increase productivity. 


The only fault with this set-up is that many employees and businesses aren't structured or set-up with the necessary IT skills and technology to manage the technical aspects of their remote position. 


That's where F.I.T. comes into play, our technology and computer experts are trained to be able to handle, manage, and solve a variety of technical issues that arise from remote work. Whether it's e-visits, virtual meetings, wireless devices, server complications, internet issues, or any other technical stressors; our team is ready to help. We can set up Remote Help from our office to solve problems while you're in the comfort of your own home, or, we can receive drop-offs of devices to fix in our office and return them to prime, working condition.


As for backup and data protection, many employers don't recognize that having a variety of important data stored in various locations can result in a greater risk of data loss or damage. It's crucial to keep your data safe with our high-quality data backup services. 


Regardless of your Work From Home support needs, our goal is to help employees and businesses operate efficiently. Our team of technicians will work to provide all of the support, maintenance, and management you'll need to keep the technical side of your business running to the best of its ability. 

Backup Services


Fuller Information Technology has all of the tools to help protect your personal devices or business devices with our backup services. We understand that your business has important files and content that can not be damaged. Keep your files safe from corruption with F.I.T.'s Backup Services. Our goal is to protect your data so if it gets lost, you can get it back. Your data is your business.


Why is it important to backup your data?

Did you know that 50% of businesses who lose their data go out of business in one year? That statistic goes up even further to 80% in just two years. You work so hard and invest so much time, money, and energy into your data, don't let it disappear. 


How can data be lost?

Backups are like an insurance system and are essential to businesses of all sizes. Businesses and individuals lose their data in various ways. 

Common forms of data loss include:

  • Hard Drive Failure
  • Accidental Deletion of Files
  • Employee Retaliation
  • Physical Damage (fire, loss, flood, etc.)
  • Theft
  • Vandalism
  • Ransomware
    • Hackers will hold all of your important data for ransom and you won't be able to access any of your data. You don't want your data in the wrong hands. 


Backup Methods

DIY - Many businesses, in an attempt to store data cheaply, will attempt a 'Do It Yourself" backup plan where they store all of their data on a USB drive daily. The issue with this is if Windows has an update or the backup stops working, you won't have a way of knowing until it is too late. In addition, it is possible for hackers to encrypt your backup with this method, meaning all of your files are still open to ransomware.


Keep the DIY projects to your household projects, we don't recommend a DIY Backup System. Here at F.I.T., we have highly developed and advanced backup services that can protect your data from damage or loss on multiple levels. 


Carbonite - Cloud backup software from Carbonite helps protect your personal & business data from common forms of data loss. This backup method provided by Fuller Information Technology sends all files into a cloud. That way, if something is accidentally lost or deleted, it is easy to bring back down from the cloud. If data loss is more complicated due to your hard drive crashing or your data becoming encrypted, it may take longer to get the files down from the cloud in order to restore the data.


Cloudberry - This method is unique in that it makes an image of the drive. We send this image to the local hard drive and to the cloud. If files are lost, it is easy to access the local hard drive to restore them. We are able to restore an entire hard drive with the image in under 30 minutes. If a more serious and complicated incident such as fire, tornado, flood, etc. damages your PC, server, and local hard drive, we can quickly restore all of the data lost from the cloud. This method provides a speedy restoration. We can also set up a Virtual Machine (VM) that allows us to connect the data from the cloud to the PC so all of your files are accessible even when the hard drive is inaccessible or damaged.


Managed Backup Services

What we do at Fuller is unique. Not only can we back up all of your business's data, but we also will check it every day. We ensure that the backup is working efficiently on a daily basis and if it isn't, we get a notification to fix the problem. Our technicians are able to connect the backup in a way that cannot be encrypted. Meaning, you never have to worry about hackers stealing your data and holding it for ransom again. Our Managed Backup Services (MBS) provide excellent up-to-date care to guarantee that your data is never lost and is always accessible. 

Backup Services
Backup Services

Cloud Services


We have partner relationships with each of the big 3 cloud vendors: Microsoft, Amazon and Google.

We utilize AWS (Amazon Web Services) and S3 (Simple Storage Service) to provide our customers with a top-notch managed cloud backup solution at an affordable price. We've also worked with Azure and Nerdio to design full cloud, custom solutions using Windows Virtual Desktop or traditional Remote Desktop Services.

Google was late to the party but we have an account there as well and can work with you to help you design a solution with the right cloud vendor to fit your goals. Each has its own niche and each has pros and cons depending on what you are wanting to implement.




Cloud Services
Cloud Services
Working on Wireless Device



Modern technology makes it easy to work anytime, anywhere with wireless devices and technology. F.I.T. makes it easy to set up and manage your wireless network. Our team of highly skilled and knowledgeable technicians will work closely with your organization to provide wireless solutions that best support your business. It's important to have skilled technicians and trained experts working on your wireless system to guarantee security and safety for your personal or business usage. 


Wireless History and Adaptations

Wireless networks have evolved and gone through 6 transitions. It's important to have techs who can understand how each 802.11 protocol changes to get you the fastest relative speed.


Solving Business Problems

We often see businesses go to a big box store to buy wireless equipment. The problem with this? These businesses don't have the expertise that our techs have to make sure the wireless design works best for you. If the business moves their device around the building, their wireless connection may slow down tremendously. The solution? You might think it would be to add another wireless access point. However, our techs may suggest better options to reduce frustrations regarding wireless connectivity. Sometimes a simple addition of a wireless access point won't solve your business problem. It may exacerbate your issues. Your computer will hold on to the connection of the first access point until it is no longer possible, meaning it won't automatically adjust and connect to the other access point as you move. The best solution, in this case, would be a Common Controller. This device recognizes the number of access points and speaks to your computer and each point to make sure you always have the best signal and connection to minimize frustrations and delayed time. 

Our goal as an IT company working on Wireless is to help easily solve the complicated technical aspects of wireless, placement, and controller systems to keep all of your devices running to the best of their ability. 


Solving Wireless Problems at Home

Many homeowners will try to set up their wireless connection within their home. Our goal when working on Wireless as a company is to help individuals easily and effectively set up their wireless connectivity to keep their speeds fast and their networking effective. This is especially important in today's world with so many students and professionals working and learning from home. We will work with you to determine and plan the best course of action in setting up and handling your wireless system. This may mean ethernet cables within the home or a Mesh Network / Repeater system to effectively keep the speed that you're paying for. The Mesh Network system works by placing a Repeater in the home which takes the signal from the wireless system to regenerate and makes the signal stronger to use in further spaces. Our team of technicians will help you determine which system and structure work best for your setup.


Wireless Security

We make sure that we use the strongest available encryption protocol. We will work with you to ensure that you have a good, secure password and system. Did you know that there have been multiple instances where individuals will park outside of different businesses or homes, get into their wireless connection, and download illegal or dangerous documents? It's important to avoid instances like this as these illegal downloads can result in problems with the law for you. 

Our team of technicians can also help protect your wireless connection if your business loses employees and wants to protect your passwords and wireless connection to ensure that your company is secure. In larger organizations, we can tie wireless security to server security through Active Directory. Rather than change all of your wireless passwords each time you lose a team member, you can simply remove them from the Active Directory to keep your wireless system secure.

phone systems fit

Telephone Services


Each business has its own communications needs.  Some companies need to simply make and receive calls and have voice mail. Other companies need to combine video-conferencing, mobile phones, text messaging, remote-from-home phones, chat, and more. This concept is Unified Communications as a Service or UCaaS.


We guide you through the maze of deciding what system meets your business needs.  Take a peek behind the doors in the menu or click the links below to learn what's new in telephone systems.



Hosted Phone System

On-Premise Phone System

IT Services

I.T. Services


Fuller Information Technology is Cincinnati's premier locally owned and operated I.T. company.  We provide a number of I.T. services including Managed Services, Backup Services, Cloud Services, Network Design, Wireless, Telephony & Unified Communications, and Work From Home Services. 


Scroll through the I.T. Services tabs for more information about each of the services we offer.


Interested and want to know more?

Call our office today at 513-347-5800. 

We don't just solve the technical problem,

we solve the business problem.

Do you have the time and skills needed to build and maintain a modern network architecture?

With a Managed Services Program in IT, business owners no longer have to worry about data loss or computer problems; these are handled by experts and relieve owners to worry about what really matters to them - running their business.

Read on to see how our ALL-INCLUSIVE Managed Service Program saves time, money and increases productivity.

messy desk
We help you focus on your business.

F.I.T. Monitoring  -  Included!

  • 24/7 monitoring
  • F.I.T. is alerted if there is a problem
  • Monitor security
  • Check backups daily
  • Historical data predicts future issues


F.I.T. Maintenance  -  Included!

  • Keep anti-virus definitions up-to-date
  • Install Windows updates
  • Remove any virus threats
  • Regularly check the data backups
  • Perform periodic restores of the backups to ensure that they are 100% viable
  • When problems occur, MSP Clients get first priority. 

All remote and on-site service is no additional charge!

F.I.T. Hardware Replacement  -  Included!

With Our Hardware as a Service (HaaS) plan, no need to worry about hardware

  • No shopping
  • No trying to figure out the specs
  • No installation
  • No configuration
  • No worries
  • All covered hardware is replaced - no additional charge


The Business and Technology Assessment


The first step to solving any problem is to identify the issues. During this phase of the assessment, we start by listening. What is your business about? What are you trying to achieve? What are your goals? Pain points? Etc. Once we have a better understanding of where technology is going wrong for you and your business, we can better assess ways to make improvements. Our team uses the latest software tools to dig deep in your network to find out exactly what you have. We want to know the answers to all of the questions that could be causing problems in your system. Are your PCs too old? Are they up-to-date? Is your network configured efficiently and securely?  Is your back-up working, and can it actually be restored?  Is your wireless access secured? Does your firewall support encryption?

Next, we evaluate your needs. By having in-depth conversations, we can clearly identify what exactly you need to reach your business goals. Our objective is to provide you with an exceptional service that results in continued support to reach all of the demands you have set to reach your business vision and goals.

Once we evaluate your needs, we will propose solutions. From our discovery, we can develop specific recommendations for your network infrastructure and equipment. In doing so, we'll show you how to merge your business vision with your technical reality by simplifying your IT management so you can focus on your core business.



During the second phase, we will address all critical issues and begin the stabilization process. Think of your technology as being like the body of an athlete — each part must be healthy and well-coordinated with the other parts in order to be at peak performance. If injury or pain occurs, it's important to understand how to recover quickly and how to prevent further injury to get back to the game. The doctor or trainer will perform a series of tests to see exactly what is causing the issue and if it's a deeper problem, to fix it.

After we assess your business needs and current technology, we can move straight into monitoring and managing. 



Now that we have a deeper understanding of your business problems and have removed the critical issues. We can begin the managing services process. You can focus on managing your business without ever worrying about technical problems.

We’ll manage your technology – period.

Hosted Phone Systems

Elevate Your Business Phone System

Switch and Save!

Are outdated phone systems sinking your profits? Switch to Hosted Phone Systems to improve efficiency and boost productivity. Fuller Information Technology provides numerous benefits that give your business a competitive advantage over outdated voice systems while keeping costs for you and your business to a minimum. 

We understand that you can't afford to miss important sales or lose customers due to a lack of proper communication. In today's developed and engaged world, you need to make sure your team has all of the necessary means to be able to properly communicate with a diverse group of customers. We are here to help you do that.


Network Design

We solve business problems by designing and planning networks. When working on Network Design, we mainly work with new businesses, businesses who are moving, and businesses who are expanding.


What is Network Design?

Simply, network design includes the building, planning, and layout elements of putting together the phone, computer, FAX, and technical aspects of the business layout. Our job when designing a network includes discussing your business' main goals and objectives and planning the layout that perfectly matches what your business needs and wants are. 


What We Do

To begin, we start with interviewing and having conversations with the business to begin to understand all of their business needs. If it's a new business we will help plan for long-term goals in order to help set up a layout that will work with the businesses they grow. If it's a company planning to move, we will work to move hardware and plan the infrastructure and wiring of the new facility. If it's a business looking to expand we will help them plan, solve, and develop the right layout for their expected expansion. 

The kinds of questions we ask regardless of business changes vs new beginnings include; "Do you want a camera?" "Where do you want the cameras to be located? Pointing to the parking lot for security or to the front door for alerts when people walk into your business?" "Where do you need phones"  "What kind of phones do you need?" "Where do you need a fax machine?", etc. These types of questions help us to better identify the current and long-term goals of the company so we can plan for wiring and floor plans that work well with the current and future structure of the organization. 

Once we have a good understanding of what your business wants and needs are, we will stop by and visit the facility to make sure we can make everything you request happen effectively. From there, we will look at the current floor plan and develop a new floor plan to best suit the networking needs of your company. 

A part of the planning process is understanding what equipment goes where and what is needed to handle the network infrastructure. If your business is moving or growing, we may use this opportunity to replace aging equipment. 

It's important to have a team that understands technology as it changes and adapts (which, it's constantly doing) to better understand and keep up with your business changes. 

Allworx Verge Handset
Allworx Verge Handset

Allworx Phone Systems


Whether your business has 10 employees at a single site or hundreds of employees at multiple sites, traditional phone lines, VoIP lines, T1 or T1/PRI, there is an Allworx phone system designed with your business in mind.


Allworx gives you the largest set of traditional telephone capabilities of any VoIP solution in its class!


Allworx servers are built to provide additional specific applications without any additional hardware cost or complexity. Some of these applications are the Allworx Reach (mobile application), Interact Pro (desktop productivity), Automatic Call Distribution, Conference Center (keep your conference calls password secured), and the Allworx View.


Fuller Information Technology has undergone extensive certification to be an Allworx reseller and maintain their products. Pricing for Allworx phone systems are advertised at the lowest possible MSRP. 

Network Design for Phone Systems

Another aspect of network design is planning and designing the perfect phone system for your business that will meet your needs now and in the future. There are so many things to consider when planning your network design for ease and functionality of phone use. We will interview the customer to find out their exact needs to ensure that their layout works well for their office setting and the needs of their employees. For example, the secretary/receptionist/office manager most likely needs a phone with better capabilities than a break-room phone. We will work one-on-one with the customer to determine how many employees they have, fax systems needs, how many phones and screens they have, who needs to see the caller-id on their phone, if the employee is out of their office; if the voicemail can be sent to their email address, extension number details and so much more. It's our goal to solve your business problems when it comes to the ideal layout and needs of your network design.

Advantages of a Modern Phone System


Our highly advanced technical team works hands-on with national companies to provide you with the highest-quality, best phone systems available. From chat, video, voice, file sharing, and everything in between, we have what you need to enhance your communication system. Our team works not only to solve the technical problem but more importantly, the business problem. 


Fuller Information Technology Hosted Telephony advantages include:

  • Achieve measurable ROI
  • Unified, consolidated messaging
  • Easy access anywhere, anytime
  • Reduced equipment and maintenance costs
  • Improved management efficiency
  • Productivity-enhancing tools and features
  • Local service from Fuller Information Technology


Don't let outdated phone systems put your business on hold, contact the experts today.

(513) 347 - 5800

We Make Switching to the Cloud Easy

Our 3-phase migration process gets you up and running in days, not weeks, and your account representative helps you throughout the onboarding process. 



  • Confirms your order
  • Verifies your IP infrastructure & network are optimized for our service
  • Schedules account setup appointment



  • Sets up Auto Attendant
  • Familiarizes you with service and features · Sets up and tests phones
  • Answers any question



  • Ensures all works correctly
  • Verifies all phone numbers have ported
  • Confirms you are completely comfortable with your new service


For more information about how to make a smooth transition into a modern phone system, check out our blog post by clicking here

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